Construction of 300 Mehr housing units in town of Manzariyeh Shahrekord

Employer: Road and Urban Development Office of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province


This project was established in in town of Manzariyeh Shahrekord, in the form of a large Mehr housing plan. The area of the constructed units is 41 blocks and 298 units are 31886 square meters. The initial term of the contract is 12 months. The start date is 16/09/2010, and these units have already been delivered to the applicants.


Project and operations specifications:

  • Number of blocks constructed: 41 blocks
  • Number of residential units constructed: 298 units
  • The area of the units constructed: 31886 square meters
  • Approximate size of reinforcement: 1300 tons
  • Approximate size of concreting: 8000 cubic meters