Management Message

Throughout Gransa Pars’ history, we have built roads that connect the world, dug canals and bored to carry water to thirsty lands. We build, we mine, and we shape the landscape! We do it all with integrity and compassion.

Since its inception, our culture has thrived on strong principles. Deeply embedded in our company, Gransa Pars’ values and culture can be summed up by five words: people, trust, accountability, innovation and excellence.

core values

Gransa Pars’s cornerstone core values are the sum of our business ethics conduct. They create tangible business ethics that strengthen our ability to deliver value to our clients. The interests of our clients are paramount. We firmly believe our success depends on delivering the highest level of quality and service.

These guiding principles are the foundation of our company, leading us in a unified direction and inspiring how we act, every day, on every project. With the full commitment and diligent support from compassionate management team, we encourage our people to achieve company’s vision and mission. People are our most important asset. We foster continual growth through career opportunities and provide investment.

We at Gransa Pars believe that the vast country of Iran will succeed in its prospects to fulfill the desire of the noble and civilized people of this ancient land on the way to a developed country. With all technical and executive capabilities and entrepreneurial manpower, Gransa Pars has created a bright and hopeful prospect for building and developing a glorious community.

scope of activity

Considering the technical and executive capabilities and machinery of the company and according to the scope of activity, we have the ability to perform activities of designing, monitoring and implementing various development projects such as roads, bridges, metro and railway, airports, buildings, dams and tunneling, power plant, water and wastewater facilities, underground structures, industrial facilities, ports and platforms, oil & gas, petrochemical & refinery, and irrigation networks & water pipelines.

Gransa Pars projects have been recognized by the construction industry’s top owners, associations, and Governmental and Provincial affiliations and authorities:

  • Water
  • Building
  • Road and Transportation
  • Mass Production Houses
  • Ground Exploration
  • Oil and Gas