Gransa Pars

Who we are?

Gransa Pars Engineering Company was founded in 1988 and has been continuously engaged in development activities in various cities and provinces of the country. With a combination of professional and experienced personnel as well as young and motivated employees, Gransa Pars provides its efforts to the development and prosperity of our beloved country.

Considering the technical and executive capabilities and machinery of the company and according to the scope of activity, we have the ability to perform activities of designing, monitoring and implementing various development projects such as roads, bridges, metro and railway, airports, buildings, dams and tunneling, power plant, water and wastewater facilities, underground structures, industrial facilities, ports and platforms, oil & gas, petrochemical & refinery, and irrigation networks & water pipelines.

Gransa Pars projects have been recognized by the construction industry’s top owners, associations, and Governmental and Provincial affiliations and authorities:

  • Water
  • Building
  • Road and Transportation
  • Mass Production Houses
  • Ground Exploration
  • Oil and Gas

Quality Policy

Policy of Integrated Management System (IMS)

Gransa Pars Engineering Company is pursuing objectives such as design, supervision and execution (EPC) of development and installation projects. It aims to do and accomplish all activities within the context of its article of association, with the aim of developing the country and creating value for beneficiaries. To this end, the Company eyes on establishing an Integrated Management System (IMS) thereby promoting its rank and distinguishing itself as one of the top 100 companies in related field at the countrywide level. The Company endeavors to achieve such goal by specifically focusing on owners and other beneficiaries’ demands and expectations, in compliance with all appertaining national and international requirements, rules and regulations and by respecting inter-organizational values based on the following pivotal macro – objectives:

1. Increasing the level of satisfaction among owners by offering better quality, within the most appropriate possible time.

2. Developing owner-oriented culture for realizing the owners’ requisites and for materialization of their requirements.

3. Continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of managerial systems and modern technologies for improved functions of the Organization, and for a better planning and a precise controlling of the projects.

4. Focusing on the principle of selecting the best individuals based on knowhow and capability and making every effort towards developing the personnel’s technical knowledge which is viewed as the most valuable asset of the Company and the most effective factor insofar as quality of services is concerned.

5. Increasing the personnel’s health and safety for reducing occupational hazards and securing their safety and health.

6. Making every effort for reducing unwanted environmental consequences and optimum utilization of energy sources, as well as extension of the culture of engineering value and sustainable development.

By undertaking the foregoing principles and by fully supporting them the Company’s Top Management is encouraging each and every personnel to follow suit and uphold these principles as prime and foremost policies of action thereby achieving the targets set by the vision plan of the Organization. As the main responsible body of this system I expect all managers, supervisors and personnel to comply with these principles and at the same time cooperate and offer necessary advice for a continuous, sustainable, effective and consistent improvement of the intended systems: (ISO9001:2008 – ISO14001:2004 – OHSAS 18001:2007 – 5S, HSE-MS).

Seyed Gholamabbas Jamshidi,
Managing Director of the Company.



Policy of Orderly Workplace System (5S)

In order to improve and organize process and activities at its offices and to keep the workplace in neat and orderly condition with the aim of creating a pleasant and agreeable atmosphere for the personnel and at the same time reducing wastes and dissipation thereby emerging as one of the top companies in Iran, Gransa Pars Engineering Company intends to apply the following principles at all sections and offices of its Company:

1. Regular and continuous identification of unnecessary items with little demand for Company’s activities and discarding them in a timely manner.

2. Developing order and discipline for acceleration of activities at the Company.

3. Keeping the workplace and furniture in neat and orderly condition and ensuring that the personnel are presentable at the office.

4. Maintaining and developing work safety and hygiene for controlling and reduction of occupational risks of the personnel.

5. Drawing the owners’ satisfaction by maintaining the workplace in a neat, orderly and presentable condition.

6. Developing the culture of participation and teamwork by planning and implementation of bylaws as well as teaching and introduction of the principle of order, discipline and acceptable physical appearance.

The Management of Gransa Pars Engineering Company is committee to uphold and develop the principles of order, discipline and presentability and will make all efforts to implement them as its selected model.

Seyed Gholamabbas Jamshidi,
Managing Director of the Company.


Gransa Pars is an engineering and construction company that carries out diverse operations in civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, roads, transportation, dams and tunneling, and buildings markets. Within these markets, Gransa Pars has a wide range of construction expertise.

Reflecting broad scope, Gransa’s clients include leading firms and governmental organizations and institutions in the commercial, institutional, retail, residential, industrial, mining, water and wastewater, and energy and civil sectors.

Gransa Pars offers substantial construction knowledge, competitive pricing, financial strength, integrity, and a commitment to the project that is supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety. More importantly, we have a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and repeat clients, no matter the project size or complexity.

The depth of our resources is reflected in the variety of projects we construct. From roads and dams to buildings — we have built it all. Regardless of a project’s scope, Gransa Pars works to meet its clients’ needs in the timeliest and most cost-efficient way, while always remaining focused on quality and safety.

According to the scope of company’s activities in accordance with the articles of association, services offered by Gransa Pars engineering company are as follows:

Roads, Bridges, Metro and Railway, Airports, Buildings, Mass Production Houses, Dams and Tunneling, Power Plant, Water and Wastewater Facilities, Underground Structures, Industrial Facilities, Ports and Platforms, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refinery, Irrigation Networks & Water Pipelines.

CEO Message

Throughout Gransa Pars’ history, we have built roads that connect the world, dug canals and bored to carry water to thirsty lands. We build, we mine, and we shape the landscape! We do it all with integrity and compassion.

Since its inception, our culture has thrived on strong principles. Deeply embedded in our company, Gransa Pars’ values and culture can be summed up by five words: people, trust, accountability, innovation and excellence. Gransa Pars’s cornerstone core values are the sum of our business ethics conduct. They create tangible business ethics that strengthen our ability to deliver value to our clients. The interests of our clients are paramount. We firmly believe our success depends on delivering the highest level of quality and service.

These guiding principles are the foundation of our company, leading us in a unified direction and inspiring how we act, every day, on every project. With the full commitment and diligent support from compassionate management team, we encourage our people to achieve company’s vision and mission. People are our most important asset. We foster continual growth through career opportunities and provide investment.

We at Gransa Pars believe that the vast country of Iran will succeed in its prospects to fulfill the desire of the noble and civilized people of this ancient land on the way to a developed country. With all technical and executive capabilities and entrepreneurial manpower, Gransa Pars has created a bright and hopeful prospect for building and developing a glorious community.