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finesk Dam

Employer: Regional Water Company of semnan Province

Consultant: absaran Consulting Engineers


finesk Reservoir Dam on the outflow of finesk River, was located in semnan province, talajim, in the coordinates of 510/34 degrees latitude and 870/47 degrees east longitude. finesk Reservoir Dam is located 70 kilometers the city of semnan.

Specification of dam and associated facilities

Dam type: Soil-gravel with clay core

River bed elevation at the dam site: 1650 m above sea level

Dam height from river bed: 55 meters

Height of dam: 59 meters

Dam crest width: 10 meters

Dam crest length: 411.13 meters

Dam crest elevation: 1705 meters above sea level

Operation of the dam normal elevation: 1700 meters above sea level

Minimum level of exploitation of the dam: 1652 m above sea level

The volume of the tank in the normal operating range: 11.8 million cubic meters

Approximate size of excavation: 150,000 cubic meters

Approximate size of the embankment: 1.700.000 cubic meters