By the end of the eight years of the Imposed War and the beginning of construction period and the needs of the community, in pursuit of the country’s development and development goals, Gransapars engineering company established in 26/02/1989 with the registration code 1143 and has been continuously implementing and executing projects in most fields of development. Considering the experience of company’s early executives in development activities in the post-revolution years, the company has been able to continue to implement the development projects at the national level since its establishment. The company has already implemented projects in 6 provinces of the country do far and with regard to its technical financial, equipment and international position, it has begun to expand its activities to neighboring countries with developing its first branch in Kurdistan. Considering the subject of the company’s activity according to the statute (including the supervision and implementation of construction and facilities projects such as construction of residential areas, apartments, roads, bridge and, drainage (water and wastewater), gas, as well as export and import of all authorized goods in line with the goals of the company). At the very beginning, the focus of the company was on the implementation of construction and mass construction projects.

  1. Building: Implementation of construction projects, mass-construction (Article 67, Housing plan, rental housing, Mehr housing, participatory housing).
  2. Water: implementation of irrigation networks, drainage, leveling and renovating networks, implementation of diversion dams, tunnels and water transfer channels, implementation of earth dams and associated facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants
  3. Road and runways: Implementing the main and secondary roads, highways and freeways, bridges and intersections
  4. Telecommunications: Implementation of fiber optic networks
  5. Installations and equipment: Implementation of water transmission network, Hydromechanical, electric dams and refineries projects in cooperation with specialized partners
  6. Underground exploration: Implementation of exploratory and geotechnical projects, drilling and injection projects and curtain wall

In cooperation with its specialized partner companies, now with the help of machines and experienced labor as well as cooperation with numerous employers who are satisfied after the implementation of the projects, the company has been chosen as the top contractor. It has also the carry out the project in most disciplines based on the certificate of competence of contractors issued by the Planning Deputy.

Efficient management and appropriate management system for referral:     

In the department of investigation and estimation, the preparation of the state of affairs and estimation is made using the experience of specialists and the use of related software (TEXA, TADBIR and TADKAr). Design and research unit works with qualified and experienced staff, technology and modern knowledge as well as the use of advanced software such as CSI, ANSYS and ABAQUS in this department.

To plan and control the project after the formation of project design team and regular meetings before the project implementation provides a commitment to project outputs. It also allows the project manager to re-examine the charter and ensure that sufficient understanding of the project.

Important steps include providing project IDs, providing project failure structure, preparing a project workshop chart, introducing customers and key project stakeholders, estimating the time, resources and cost of implementing the project, defining project and activity parameters, describing infrastructures, identifying and evaluating environmental aspects, identifying and evaluating risk factors, quality control, technical documentation / standards / technical specifications, and procedures for monitoring and measuring processes by experienced personnel.

Some of the mentioned activities are performed by MS PROJECT and PRIMAWERA programs.