Completly access road of malek shahi

Client: Ilam state Road and urban development office.

Consulting engineering: Rozhin

Description:Because of a high- volume traffic and strategic location this road will be the shortest one connecting south- eastern zone of Ilam province to Lorestan provinces.

Project specifications: The distance between 0.00 and 11.5 km is Malekshahi

Location: Ilam lane to Malek- Shahi

Length: 11+394 km.

Cut: 693000 m3

Fill: 139000 m3

Concrete: 10000 m3

Rebar: 110 ton

Formwork: 5500 m2

Base & Subbase: 84000 m3

Asphalt: 162000 m2

Guardrail: 9300 m.