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Anahita Reservoir Dam and related facilities

Employer: Regional Water Company of Kermanshah Province

Consultant: Abdan Faraz Consulting Engineers


Anahita Reservoir Dam on the outflow of Anahita River, one of the branches of the Khorramroud River which is itself from the branches of the Gamasiab River, was located in Kermanshah province, Kangavar, in the coordinates of 510/34 degrees latitude and 870/47 degrees east longitude. Anahita Reservoir Dam is located 1.5 kilometers west of the village of Ghareh Goozlo Sofla and 10 kilometers west of the city of Kangavar.

Specification of dam and associated facilities

Dam type: Soil-gravel with clay core

River bed elevation at the dam site: 1532 m above sea level

Dam height from river bed: 56 meters

Height of dam: 60 meters

Dam crest width: 10 meters

Dam crest length: 336.5 meters

Dam crest elevation: 1588 meters above sea level

Operation of the dam normal elevation: 1584 meters above sea level

Minimum level of exploitation of the dam: 1552 m above sea level

The volume of the tank in the normal operating range: 24.6 million cubic meters

Approximate size of excavation: 220,000 cubic meters

Approximate size of the embankment: 1.307.263 cubic meters